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What Cracks Me Up

Imagine that one of these days some Jane Goodall learns to decode what primates (who live in the wild) talk about.  And so you would sit somewhere, perhaps, perched on your house steps or killing time in mass transit, scanning your news on your smart phone and reading a few such transcripts with an arresting headline: “What Animals Talk About (to Themselves and with Each Other).”  After skimming the article you realize – perhaps, with a sense of terrifying sobriety – “They are conscious, just as we are, and – AND! – preoccupied with same neurotic b.s. that we waste our lives on…”

So you peel away from the screen and look around – at your significant others, at other so-called humans – and it finally dawns on you, with Darwinian mercilessness: “Wait a second… “Human” is just a word, a word that we – modern-day monkeys – decided to call ourselves…”

Perhaps, a relaxing smile begins to sunset on your illuminated face… Perhaps, you issue a belly-shaking laughter… Perhaps, you get down on all fours and howl like a wolf at the early-evening moon…

This is what cracks me up most days.  My colleagues call themselves “psychologists” but I myself wonder: am I vet(erinarian)?!  I look at myself and I see the same pensive gorilla that I have seen so many a time in a zoo – just a bit more hairless, and a bit more verbal.

We are monkeys (and I know I am using this term in a taxonomically loose sense).  We are modern-day primates in an active state of denial of who/what we are.

This is not misanthropy, not a dislike of wo/man-kind.  This is plain ol’ sobering acceptance – an honest look in the mirror that puts all of our Nietzsches out of the ubermensch business.

I find this thought – this monkey-thought of a living mind – so grounding, so back-to-Eden, so humble that I immediately relax and heartily crack up.

Same to you, fellow mind!


And how much have we invented to escape this basic truth! What beautiful myths! What lofty promises of transcendence!

At the end, we are just conscious Earth, studying itself, one mind-mirror at at time. What’s not enough about this, my fellow mind?!


What Cracks Me Up

Pavel G. Somov, Ph.D.

Pavel Somov, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist in private practice and the author of 7 mindfulness-based self-help books. Several of his books have been translated into Chinese, Dutch & Portuguese. Somov is on the Advisory Board for the Mindfulness Project (London, UK). Somov has conducted numerous workshops on mindfulness-related topics and appeared on a number of radio programs. Somov's book website is and his practice website is

Marla Somova, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Pittsburgh, PA. She is the co-author of "Smoke Free Smoke Break" (2011).

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