Eating Sun

“What is the future of eating?” is the question that I tried to answer in “Reinventing the Meal” (2012) Transhuman Fermentation Still a cultural underground, transhumanism is a gradual churning of…

Ordinary Perfection

When I look at the nameless reality of Whatever Currently Is (right now) through the lens of mindfulness and presence, everything relaxes me, everything feels “ok” and “normal” and “simply…

Ceasing and Arising

Ceasing and arising – two words for one and the same self-renewing flow of reality. Psychology of pratitya-samutpada (dependent origination) is the psychology of acceptance of What Is.  

Identity Giveaway

Identity theft is when someone identifies themselves as you and steals your resources. Identity giveaway is when you identify as someone else and surrender your sense of individuality and uniqueness….