Waste Away

-1Mind is a perfectly fine thing to waste.  From a meditative standpoint, that is.  Indeed, mind comes, mind goes, recycling itself from one fleeting state to another.


7 Habits of Existentially Vibrant Living

9781572247567The following are the seven Present Perfect habits that, in my opinion, comprise the basis of existentially vibrant living:

(1)   the habit of making one’s own meaning

(2)   the habit of noticing ordinary perfection

(3)   the habit of being present in the moment

(4)   the habit of making conscious choices

(5)   the habit of self-acceptance

(6)   the habit of accepting uncertainty

(7)   the habit of forgiving and compassion

These seven vital signs of conscious,


Cutting the Costs of Perfectionism

9781572247567Perfectionism isn’t cheap.  In fact, it is existentially unaffordable.  Here’s a review of these costs and of the possible ways of cutting them.

Perfectionism is a Psychological Liability

Flett and Hewitt (2002) write: “perfectionists are more likely than nonperfectionists to experience various kinds of stress” (p.


Redefine “Enough”

9781572245433Mindful eating (at least the way I teach it) has its own version of “portion control” – it’s got to do not with how many mouthfuls you can have but with how many mindfuls you need to feel full;