I have recently stumbled upon a blog that might be worth your time as well.  It is called “Life…It Really Is a Stage!”  Here’s how it begins:

“So why am I starting a blog?  No reason.  That’s the reason.  I’ve discovered that there is no reason for anything.  No purpose.  Life just is, and doesn’t need a reason to be.  It is without there being people, trees, water, babies, love, joy, hate, jealousy, light, darkness, religion, no religion, heaven, hell, bugs, birds, movement, thought, feelings, intent…and the list goes on and on, ad nauseum and includes you…the “person” who believes they’re reading this blog. What am I talking about? Nothing.  No thing. Therefore, when I write the word “I” keep in mind that it’s only used because it’s the proper part of speech that enables you to understand the symbols that you see on this page. It doesn’t mean anything.  It’s only a symbol.”

The author of the blog, Cheryl, emailed me in response to a blogpost of mine. She said:

I really liked your “Collapse Your Favorite Duality” article posted on October 8th. It actually sounds like something that I’d have in my blog… except there would be no one doing the collapsing.

I checked her writing and thought the same: yes, both of us seem to be writing about the ineffable, about the inexpressible, about the one who is writing and lack thereof.  Here’s another excerpt from her blog:

You are simply the light that shines on all experience.  Whatever is “going on” is not your concern.

Stay out of it. It’s none of your business.

The illusory “me” is like:

…the rays of the sun worrying about, having issues and anxiety over whatever its shining on.

…the beam from your flashlight getting angry over whatever it’s illuminating.

…the sense of sight (not the “seer” or the “seen”, but the sense of sight itself) feeling inadequate or depressed.

I think we can agree that all of that is absolutely ridiculous.

Believing that there’s a separate “I” trapped inside a bag of skin, that can resist what’s happening, accept what’s happening, get excited over what’s happening, etc. is just as ridiculous.

You are like the space around you.

Cheryl’s writing is lucid, aphoristic, arresting, provocative, full of paradox. Cheryl, whatever her last name might be, has a powerful voice, a voice you are likely to hear one day from the pages of some bestseller. Here’s another taste of her consciousness:

We all have stories. Painful stories. Happy stories. Depressing stories. Joyful stories.

The story is whatever the story is. But don’t ignore the other side of the coin.

You are not that story.

That story is not you.

That’s all.

Don’t ignore this.

Give attention to this.

You are not that story.

Go check it out, have your mind challenged, interrupted, illuminated, blown.  And, as your mind changes, realize that you are not this mind.

Mind… it really is a stage! @ http://ypifany.blogspot.com