Happy New Now to You!

2 thoughts: one for the year that is passing and one for the year that is yet to pass.

  • Sit long enough so that when you eventually get up a part of you will remain sitting until at a later point the rest of you sits back down again.

Triumph of Disillusionment

I recently moved: packing, unpacking – all that moving jazz.

So, the other day I am looking at my bookshelves (of mostly non-fiction)

and I realize:

99% of these books added absolutely nothing to what I know –


Anger Management: Hmming (not Humming)

Anger_04“Hmming” isn’t humming. Hmming is uttering a pensive, contemplative “hmm” sound, the sound of not-knowing. Hmming doubles as skillful camouflage for breath-focused humming (an anger management technique in its own right) and as a kind of bottom-up reorientation from arguing to pondering.