06-08-10 And With Heart Shaped Bruises And Late Night KissesLook at your hand. Notice the so-called fingers. Fact is there are no fingers. There is one hand. Finger is just a part of a hand. But it’s a kind of part that is not apart from a hand. A finger is not separate from the hand. But by calling this part of the hand a finger we have conceptually separated the inseparable – we have separated the finger-part of the hand from the hand itself.

Same with time: all life is one life-long now. But by having created the concept of “past” and “future,” we have divided one seamless life-time into yesterdays, todays and tomorrows, into this and that moment. The reality, however, is that we have never experienced a yesterday or a tomorrow, we have only experienced this very now, this lifelong now, this one seamless experience of life which is always now.

You might say: how come this particular now is different from the one it once was? Doesn’t that mean that this now is separate from all the other now-s of the past? Yes and no: this one lifelong now is constantly changing which gives you an impression of multiple moments (“this” moment or “that” moment). This multiplicity is misleading: there is only one moment/one now per life, per capita, per mind, per self.  And this one and only now is fundamentally the same – like wax in a lava lamp; what’s different is the form that it takes – like wax in a lava lamp.

We have come to believe that “time moves” along some kind of arrow – from the so-called past to the so-called future, through the present. I don’t see it that way: there is no arrow – there is no past, there is no future, there is just an ever-evolving present, an ever-evolving now. This now, that you are always in, isn’t moving (like a car down the road, from a “from” to a “to”). Time isn’t a soccer ball: time doesn’t move, time changes. But this change is of the present and in the present. While your body moves – say, past McDonald’s drive-through, your now always stays in place. Your now is always here. And so are you.

Life is a renewing Now. And so are you.

More in Present Perfect (Somov, 2010) and Lotus Effect (Somov, 2010).

pic: Βethan via Compfight