Anger_04Habitually angry folks struggle to accept reality. Not infrequently, when something undesirable happens, they exclaim in frustration, “Seriously?! Really? Are you kidding me?” The message here is, “This can’t be!”

Anger is denial—it’s a “no” in response to what already is the case. To a psychologically savvy outsider, these phase delays in accepting what already is so obviously and irreversibly the case seem comical and naïve.

Contrast this kind of knee-jerk angry double take on reality with an unflinching, sober acceptance of what already is that accompanies the abiding equanimity of wisdom. A wise mind says “yes” to reality because it knows that it doesn’t have a choice: Reality already is what it is.

Excerpt from Anger Management Jumpstart (P. Somov, PESI 2013)

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