Enso Red 11/20Three loosely associated thoughts (that occurred to me when I had nothing to do) for you to consider (when you have nothing to do):

1. People keep quoting Einstein’s definition of insanity (you know, the one about how doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is a definition of insanity).  Einstein was a good enough physicist but I am not sure he is right about sanity.  When people keep doing the same thing and expect different results they are killing two very important psychological birds with one stone: they are getting to have the comfort of the status quo in the present while also maintaining a sense of hope for things being different in the future.  As far as I am concerned this combination of familiarity and hope is a good enough definition of psychological sanity.

2. A circle in time is a very different “thing” than a circle in space. A housing bubble is a very different “thing” than a soap bubble. Modern-day apes that we are, we run on the software of language that makes mind-forms out of the thing-less things that constitute the seamless and ever-variable sum-total of the here-and-now reality.

3.Consciousness is a mirror (of reality). Mind is a moment-specific, time-specific, location-specific reflection of this reality on the mirror that is consciousness. Wipe the mirror of your consciousness clean because the reality (that you were reflecting a moment ago with your mind-content) has already changed.  Reflect that which is.

In sum, when bored, contemplate reality and your relationship to it.

Source: Somov | Mindstream

image source: Creative Commons License Wade M via Compfight