9781572247567The following are the seven Present Perfect habits that, in my opinion, comprise the basis of existentially vibrant living (and appear to be in particular deficit in the life of a perfectionist):

(1)   the habit of making one’s own meaning

(2)   the habit of noticing ordinary perfection

(3)   the habit of being present in the moment

(4)   the habit of making conscious choices

(5)   the habit of self-acceptance

(6)   the habit of accepting uncertainty

(7)   the habit of forgiving and compassion

These seven vital signs of conscious, meaningful, and mindful living are the goals of the program of existential rehabilitation.  Developing these habits will help you feel freer and more alive, more at ease and psychologically invulnerable, more attuned to yourself and more connected with others, and, most importantly, less preoccupied with what should be and more in awe of what already is.

Adapted from Present Perfect (P. Somov, New Harbinger Publications, 2010)