Mindful Eating: Noospheric Eating

9781608821013According to Dorion Sagan, Russian-Soviet scientist Vladimir Vernadsky “pictured life on Earth as a global chemical reaction, a ‘green burning.'” He saw life—in all its mineral nudity—as nothing more than just “rock rearranging itself under the sun.”  


Seven Habits of Existentially Vibrant Living

9781572247567The following are the seven Present Perfect habits that, in my opinion, comprise the basis of existentially vibrant living (and appear to be in particular deficit in the life of a perfectionist):

(1)   the habit of making one’s own meaning

(2)   the habit of noticing ordinary perfection

(3)   the habit of being present in the moment

(4)   the habit of making conscious choices

(5)   the habit of self-acceptance

(6)   the habit of accepting uncertainty

(7)   the habit of forgiving and compassion

These seven vital signs of conscious,