lightbulbLondoner and stuntman Terry Cole holds over 150 Guinness World Records. He also eats glass. “Well,” he told a journalist in an interview, “I eat light bulbs. I mean, I eat glass, not on a regular basis at all. But if the work comes in, then I’ll do it.” (1). Well then, I’m relieved. I’m glad that Terry eats glass not every day, but only when the work comes in. Eating glass—and eating in general—is work. Not as much for the jaws (Terry pregrinds the glass) or for the stomach (which in Terry’s case must be made of iron), but for the mind. I dig people like Terry—not because they eat glass, but because it takes a lot of mind to pull off something like that. Mindful eating is sort of the same: It’s like eating mirrors. Mindful eating is reflective eating that shows you you. So have a mirror sandwich for breakfast. See yourself eating.  Have a taste of your essential self.  Break the fast of unawareness.

Adapted from Reinventing the Meal (Somov, 2012)

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ref: (1) Lawrie, 1998, p. 243

Light bulb image available from Shutterstock.