IcrpdWhat do you mean when you say “I”?

Who is this that is calling oneself “I”?

Who is pondering these question?

[Notice the familiar, mind-boggling circularity here that clarifies nothing.  You ask yourself “What is this “I”?”  And then you answer: “That’s me.”  Ok.  And who’s this “me”?  Who is this who said “me” in response to “Who is this?”  Having re-labelled yourself with the word “me,” have you really answered the original question?]

Is it the word “I” itself that is pondering the meaning of the word “I”?

A word pondering itself?  Is that who you are?

What would you call yourself if you were a primordial pre-verbal ape (an ape before language)?

Who is asking these questions?  Who is answering these questions?

These questions are far more important than the answers.

So, do ask yourself the questions and ignore the answers.

You are not the answers to these questions anyway.

You are not the language: you are the one who speaks…

But who is that?

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