To understand happiness you have to understand the illusion of time:

  • there is neither past nor future
  • clocks are not sensing devices, clocks do not measure time, clocks mechanically or digitally “tell” the time that we’ve programmed them to tell
  • clocks coordinate/sync human activity just like the hands of an orchestra conductor
  • time is not a physical stimulus like temperature that can be measured
  • time is a social construct, a mind-form, a state of consciousness
  • time is a myth, an artifact of information-processing (which is why “it” slows or speeds up depending on our information-processing speeds)
  • there never has been and never will be a Past or a Future
  • you have never experienced a Past or a Future
  • where is the Past right now?
  • where is the Future right now?
  • you have only experienced andĀ are still experiencing one continuous life-long Now
  • if you only lived for a second or a few hours it’d be self-evident that your whole life is one continuous Now
  • all time is now, one life-long, ever-varying Now
  • time is not a physical [objective] reality
  • time is a [subjective] state of mind
  • happily-ever-after is now or never
  • time to be [timeless] is now:

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