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Archives for January, 2013


Projections of Instrumentality

Mayakovsky, a poet of Bolshevism, wrote in 1914:
If the stars shine --
well then -- somebody needs it?
Then -- somebody wants them out there?
This is what I call “projections of instrumentality.” Human mind seeks order, sense, meaning. We are in a continuous state of apophenia - in a state of meaning-making, in a never-ending process of connecting the dots. Except for when we don’t - when we let go of this meaning-making, illusion-making search for reassurance.

I find...
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Enlightenment Under the Birmingham Bridge

We Are Goo (Pavel Somov, copyright 2012)

I snapped a picture of this graffiti a couple of months ago, in Pittsburgh, on the historical South Side, by the river walk, under the Birmingham bridge. It’s been long painted over.

There is so much in this: a light bulb (of insight) is going off - “I am goo.” Happy goo. Smiling goo. A blob of living, thinking, feeling protoplasm that’s winking at...
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Mindful Eating: Open Your Mind Before You Open Your Mouth

Nonpredatory Touch

Eating is predatory touch—touch turned into destruction. The first touch is taste, as the molecules of flavor intermingle with the tongue. Then we must grind the food down to a pulp (touching it again and again) before we swallow it. Then we digest (and therefore again touch) the food through chemical hand-to-hand combat. We certainly touch the food as it moves through...
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Body Is a Temple, Food Is the Sacrament

Indian architecture offers an intriguing reversal of the concept that the body is a temple, as described by Indian poet and scholar A. K. Ramanujan (1973, 20):

Indian temples are traditionally built in the image of the human body. The ritual for building a temple begins with…planting a pot of seed. The temple is said to rise from the implanted seed, like a human. The different parts of a temple...
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