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Archives for December, 2012


Neural Bridges: Brain-to-Brain Application Possibilities?

I read today in Scientific American (Jan 2013 issue) about the work of Kacy Cullen and Douglas Smith (with University of Pennsylvania): this brilliant duo has been working on devising a neural adapter for jacking into human peripheral nervous system (PNS) as an interface for next-generation prosthetics.  In particular, Cullen and Smith have been able to "stretch-grow" neural axons in a lab as a kind of neural bio-wire, one end of which can grow around...
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3-D Pizza Printer & the Present Shock

A couple of weeks ago I wrote up the following fake news story (just for kicks):

3-D Pizza Printer
Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Pizza Hut (PH) are rumored to have partnered to develop the first ever 3D pizza printer. The HP/PH Pizza Printer (HP/PH-PP) is positioned to revolutionize pizza delivery. A prospective HP/PH-PP owner will have the option of subscribing to a monthly supply of "ingredient cartridges" and to an online feed of downloadable recipes. For...
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Fool’s Business

Clients often ask: "What is mindfulness?" Most of the time I avoid the fool's business of providing definitions. Definitions finalize. Descriptions leave the subject open to futher descriptions.

- So, what is mindfulness?

Here's a description (one of hundreds):

When you stop filtering What Is ( Reality) into important and unimportant, relevant and irrelevant, all of a sudden: everything is indescribably important, everything is indescribably relevant.

Is the swaying of this tree over here important?

- ...
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Daunting Realities

As a mother, a psychologist, an educator, and a gun-owner, I have spent the past two days asking myself what we can do to prevent such senseless tragedies as the one that happened on Friday in Connecticut.  Certainly, there are no simple answers.  I believe that our first step is to stop denying the daunting realities we face in attempting to find real solutions.

The reality is that there are millions of...
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Paradox of Buddhist Self-Immolation

Buddhist self-immolation is once again in the news.

But here's the paradox of

Buddhist doctrine of Anatta says: "there is no self; self is an illusion."

If there is no self, there is nothing to sacrifice.

Thus, self-immolation is not a self-sacrifice (because there is no self to begin with).

Thus, the idea of a self-sacrifice is an illusion even if an act of self-immolation is reality.

Life is a burn of dialectic contradiction, one way or another.

Metabolically, existentially,...
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Mindful Eating: Open Your Mind Before You Open Your Mouth

Last Pages, First Impressions

A Moment of Brightness

I am a voracious non-fiction reader, a binge-reader, you could say.  Most of the books I buy are random finds (from used book stores, thrift stores; or when following a chain of associations with the help of ).  Whenever I buy books in the physical (rather than virtual) world, I often start from the back.  I browse the last three or so pages of...
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