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“The uniformity of cortex is striking; almost any small piece of the cortex look like any other piece.  And the human brain looks like almost any animal’s brain.  From mouse to woman, the cortex is made up of the same cells and the same circuits.”  (1)

“Creatures from the humble sea slugs to the mighty whale have nervous systems built from the same basic unit – the nerve cell or neuron.” (2)

Neural Tribe that we are, we differ in topology, in distribution, in organization patterns, not in who/what we are: we are a tribe of neurons that makes its home in a variety of animal contexts (bird, fish, mammal, insect, and even among such invertebrates as non-cephalized cnidarians); and wherever we live, whichever flesh-and-bone house we inhabit, we make our living by information-processing.

As a Neural Tribe, we are uniform in our neural essence wherever we are.  One tribe, same am-ness (same sense of being).

But what is this neural essence that unites us?  It is a basic sense of being.  Just like you right now are, so is any random worm or any random rat or any random pigeon.  Am-ness is am-ness.

That’s the neuro-phenomenology of it all.  Be as you are (regardless of form and in-form-ational contents).


1. Robert Ornstein, The Evolution of Consciousness.

2: Reader’s Digest, Brain & Nervous System

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