mindful eatingWe tend to think of metabolism in purely  physiological terms.  I’d like to help you broaden your view of  metabolism a bit.  I invite you to think of metabolism as information  processing.  Let’s take the act of eating, for example.  We can think of  eating in purely physiological, metabolic terms… or we can think of  eating as an informational process in which an act of tasting is an act  of knowing.

I describe this Info-Experiential view of eating in my new book, Reinventing the Meal, but here’s a similar perspective from Dr. Hari Sharma, MD, a Western trained proponent of ancient Vedic approaches to healing:

“When  the taste receptors first experience the different taste and textural  properties of a meal, an enormous amount of information is delivered  through the body (primarily through the limbic system), triggering basic  metabolic processes.”

“The body eventually metabolizes the  molecular constituents of the food, but it first metabolizes the sensory  experience of taste.”

“Long before the food is digested, its  influence has spread throughout the body.  A delicious meal is more than  a treat; the taste can be nourishing in itself.”

“The body  metabolizes the emotional content of every experience that it has,”  writes Dr. Sharma.  And that includes the experience of taste.

In sum:

to taste is to experience

to experience is to feel

to feel is to know

to know is to process information

to process information is to attend to the moment

to attend to the moment is to live mindfully.

Metabolize this!

Resource: Reinventing the Meal


Woman tasting photo available from Shutterstock