Blue StreamEdward de Bono offers a distinction between water logic and rock logic.  Water logic is when you deal with the situation in real time, in a case-specific manner: no rules, just intuition and spontaneity.  Water logic flows with the moment without crystallizing into the overgeneralizations and rules of rock logic.

Rock logic is rules.  Role logic biases the mind in advance, creates pre-conceived notions and re-action pathways long before the actual, moment-specific reality unfolds in front of you, requiring a fresh, original, non-cliché response.  Rock logic doesn’t flow, it stumbles upon reality, it stereotypes reality, loses touch with what is, and gets you stuck and boxed into categories.

Rock logic is like writing on water: good luck with that!

In contrast, water logic creates no eddies, no fixations, no rumination.

Water logic is the logic of a mind that is free and in touch with the actual reality of what currently is.   It’s the logic of survival, a logic of surviving the actual here-and-now moment of reality rather than a logic of idealism (which busies itself with judging reality against what should be).

A tip of one of my six thinking hats* to you, Ed!

Read E. de Bono: a truly liquid mind.

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