There is a video today on CNN about Einstein’s brain, about how neurologically convoluted Einstein’s brain was…

This framing of the issue (“Einstein’s brain”) is the lingo of the old paradigm.

Here’s the NT lingo  (Neural Tribe perspective) on this gray matter:

– Einstein didn’t have a brain: Einstein was the brain.

– A brain isn’t an organ to be had, to be owned, to be possessed; a brain is an organization of neurons that we ourselves are; we don’t have our neural selves, we are our neural selves.

– Einstein wasn’t a guy with a big, highly convoluted brain: “Einstein” is the name of a well-developed, large-surface neural colony.

– There was no one Einstein: there were a hundred billion or so stand-alone Einsteinian neurons (each separated from its fellow neurons by a synaptic gap, yet working collectively as one “Einstein” that we came to know).

– There was nothing special about these Einsteinian neurons: a neuron is a neuron is a neuron (be it in a human or in a hamster); but there was something special about the size and topology of the neural colony called “Einstein.”

– Genius = neural size (of a given neural colony) + its connectivity + myelination (info-processing speed).

– Neurally speaking, all is one, one is all.

See the difference?

Neural Tribe: What We Are