First ever stacked PleiadesSome semi-poetic philosophizing for whatever it’s worth…

There is Nothing to Fear

A circle repeats itself.  Only a fool tries to stop the circle of time.  Wise mind lives in the meta-cognitive center, in the Witness mode of all that inevitably is.

There is Nothing to Fear

Human, recall the mother of all assumptions: there is no nothingness, i.e. there is nowhere to escape to, nowhere to run from, nowhere to hide at.  With options like these, there is nothing to fear.

There is Nothing to Fear

The Universe is.

It is beginningless.

It is unborn and undying.

And so are you.

There is Nothing to Fear

Whether you are post-Big-Bang or pre-Big-Bang, you are.  That’s what matters. The rest is simply a matter of curiosity, a matter of Matter being curious about its own unborn and undying Self.

There is Nothing to Fear

The Universe is One, not two.  You are alone, dreaming a paranoid nightmare, sparring with your own Avatars.  Wake up to see that you are safe.

There is Nothing to Fear

There is just you, Universe.  There is no Other.  With no Other but your own Self, who are you to fear?  There is no tiger inside your skull: look to see.

There is Nothing to Fear

Water runs without fear, why should you run in fear?  A blade of grass trembles in wind, not in fear.  Why should you – a multicellular colossus, a Tree on Legs – feel so easily uprooted when you are the very Ground of all that is?  Stand firm, like a sequoia, and kiss the sky!

There is Nothing to Fear

Ego is Self.

Self is Info.

Fear no Ego.

Fear no Self.

Fear no Info.

There is Nothing to Fear

Fear requires the Other.

But the  Other is an illusion of non-Self.

Fear no illusion.

There is Nothing to Fear  

The word “other” exists but what it refers to doesn’t.  There is no Other, there is but Self.  Fear no Self.  As long as there is a self, a self is self-serving.  You are on your own side, an ally, not an enemy.

There is Nothing to Fear

So, the stardust that you are, sit down to see the light within.

Shine on locally and identify globally.

Tat tvam asi.


Adapted from “History of the Next Big Bang: Theory of Nothinglessness” (Somov, 2011)

Creative Commons License photo credit: benjy85pb