Context: please, if you haven’t yet, read my posts on the Neural Tribe (NT) Perspective –  Neural Tribe (an Introduction to the Meme)  and Neural Tribe Doctrine – to get a better sense of where I am coming from with all of this.  Both of these posts introduce a new narrative about what we are and what we aren’t.

Neural Tribe is Information-Processing Tribe

Neurons process information and share it with each other.  Thus, neural tribe is an information-processing tribe.  Any life-form that processes information is part of the neural tribe, is part of us.  But (!) the Neural Tribe is not the information itself: we are not the information that we process, we are the ones that process that information.  We are the neurons and the neural colonies that live inside various life-forms that rely on the information to process for survival.

For example, a neural tribe that you are, you inhabit a so-called human body (that consists of various non-neural cells and organs) and, in exchange, for your information-processing prowess this body supports you with nutrient blood flow.  You give the body the information necessary for its survival and the body feeds you so that you can survive.  Neural Tribes are in a kind of information-nutrition barter arrangements with other non-neural cellular tribes as part of the overall metazoan (multicellular/animal) body-plan.  A nervous system is an information-processing system.

As a Neural Tribe, we make our living by information-processing.  And we work in a variety of animal offices, so to say.  Wherever there is a nervous system, there – as a neural tribe – you are.

Neural Tribe is Sentient Tribe

Sentience is a capacity to process information, i.e. to feel, to experience.  No neurons, no sentience.  Thus, anything neural is sentient.  Anything sentient is us.  We, the Neural Tribe, are the Sentient Tribe.  Wherever you find sentience, there – as a species – you are.  Wherever you find neurons, there – as a species – you are.  Whatever neural shapes you are, if you are a neuron then you are sentient.  Whatever complexity of awareness you are, if you are (if you exist as a sentient entity) then you are neural.

Neural is Human, Human is Neural

Old narrative was: a human must look like a human, i.e. have an ape-like form.  The new narrative is that “human = neural” and “neural = human.”  Indeed, what makes us human?  Not our bones, not our muscles, not our fat cells, but our neurons, i.e. our capacity to be aware, to feel, to think, to experience.  Thus, anything neural is human.  An insect is a human.  Why?  Because an insect is a life-form that accommodates a neural colony inside.  An dog is a human.  Why?  Because a dog is a life-form that accommodates a neural colony inside.  You got thet idea: human = neural = human.

Human Redefined

Old narrative: the picture above is a picture of a man and a dog, of a human and an animal, of a biped and a quadruped, a meeting of Form and Form.

New narrative: this is a picture of a man and a man, of a human and a human, of sentience and sentience, of neural Essence and neural Essence.

Old narrative: a human is a human in form.

New narrative: a human is a neural essence.

The old narrative was narrow: we are humans.

The new narrative is broad: we are neurons. Who’s inside the inner circle of this Neural Tribe?  Any life-form that is home to neurons.

Old human narrative (of focusing on body-form) was a basis for separation, a basis for dualistic distinctions, a basis for discrimination, a basis for objectification.

New human narrative (of focusing on neural essence across the entire span of animal species) is a basis for identification and compassion.

Play with this idea a bit more and share it if you see value in this new human narrative.

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