Meta-MeditationResearchers at CMU (Carnegie Mellon University)(in my adopted hometown of Pittsburgh) have stumbled upon an interesting finding about mindfulness meditation practice: older adults (55 to 85 years of age) who practice mindfulness show a decrease in loneliness.

Now, this isn’t about the Sangha Effect* (of socializing in meditative groups).  This is about solo practice that, I guess, helps you feel one with everything.  After all, if you feel one with everything what is there to feel lonely about?

At least, that’s my take on it.

References: APA Monitor on Psychology, October 2012 (citing Brain, Behavior & Immunity, online July 20th)

*Sangha Effect – sangha is a contemplative community; when I say “Sangha Effect” I mean “Community Effect,” which does not seem to be the case in this particular study.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Amarand Agasi