Vauxhall NirvanaRichard Davidson, PhD, a neuroscientist, says this about meditation: “The roots of the word ‘meditation’ in Sanskrit comes from the word ‘familiarization.’  And according to that definition, meditation is actually familiarizing yourself with your own mind.”

This is very good.  In my work as a clinician I am often asked to define meditation.  Mediation – as a process of familiarization with your own mind – is a great way of defining what meditation is.

But what is familiarization?  Familiarization is a getting-to-know, an encounter, a meeting.  A meeting with yourself, in this case.

So, don’t be a stranger to yourself.  Pay a visit!  Go ahead and knock on your mind’s door.  Ask yourself: “Who’s there?”

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Reference: Changing Your Brains, Changing Ourselves (Lea Winerman’s interview of Dr. Davidson in Sept 2012 Monitor on Psychology)

Creative Commons License photo credit: forayinto35mm