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Archives for September, 2012


Try This With Me (Step 1)

I like the PsychCentral community: it's vibrant, dynamic, interactive.  There are many online forums for a blogger to post his/her musings.  But here, something's always hopping.

Try this with

Step 1: Just sit down today.

No, not to meditate.  Not to watch TV.  Not to eat.  Not to rest.  But just to sit.  No need to close your eyes.  No need to watch your breath.  Just try "just sitting."  Sometime now.  You see, "now" is...
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Mindfulness as Craving Control

I've been offering mindfulness-training as a form of impulse control and craving control to my clients for years.  Here's one way to introduce mindfulness as a craving control strategy for overeating:
See the Dissatisfaction (of the Desire) as It Passes (Rather Than Looking for Satisfaction)

A craving is a desire.  Desire - as strange as it sounds - is a state of frustration.  To want is to feel...
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Ordinary Perfection

Being in Time

A sense of being involves a degree of separateness from the rest of the world.  After all, the verb to “exist” literally means to stand out.  When you are present, your awareness of your own existence happens on the backdrop of time.  Time is really just perception of change, of processes, of movement, of information flow.  So to be, we have to experience ourselves as apart...
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360 of Compassion

Heterotroph’s Dilemma

There are those who produce energy and those who consume it. Plants are energy producers. They are known as autotrophs because they are nutritionally autonomous, requiring only sunlight, air, water, and minerals. Self-feeding, they don’t have to kill for living (with the rare exception of carnivorous plants, such as the Venus flytrap). And then there are the rest of us. Animals of any kind—mammals, birds, insects, fish, and us humans—consume others,...
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Metabolic Independence

What is the future of eating?

This is one of the questions that I try to answer in  my new book, Reinventing the Meal: How Mindfulness Can Help You Slow Down, Savor the Moment and Reconnect With the Ritual of Eating.

Transhuman Fermentation

Still a cultural underground, transhumanism is a gradual churning of techno-genetic possibilities. As a social movement, transhumanism is still in the stages of fermentation. From the evolutionary standpoint, transhumanism...
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Presidential Psychopathy

Food for thought (to go along with my 2010 post Psychology of Presidential Ambition):

"Overall, the study found, presidents tended to be more like psychopaths than the general population in their level of fearless dominance, but they didn't show a psychopathic excess of impulsive antisocial behavior."

"old leadership isn't just a quality found in psychopaths — or presidents. Everyone falls somewhere along the scale, from timid to bold, from follower to leader. And...
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Mindful Eating: Open Your Mind Before You Open Your Mouth

Weight Management Motivation Booster

What is inoculation?  Inoculation introduces an organism to a nominal threat with the purpose of hardening the organism.  Motivational inoculation is a series of challenges (in the form of questions) that help crystallize intrinsic, fail-proof motivation.  Here’s some motivational inoculation for weight management.
Inoculation 1:   What is my stated motivation for this weight management attempt?

Inoculation 2:   Have I tried to lose weight for...
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Same Am-ness, Different Skulls

The First Patriarch of Zen, Bodhidharma, was an Indian guy on a mission to spread Mahayana Buddhism to China.  Here's what he preached:
"I don't talk about precepts, devotion, or ascetic These are fanatical, provisional teachings.  Once you recognize your moving, miraculously aware nature, yours is the mind of all buddhas." (1).
What does this mean?  What's he saying?  Bodhidharma is saying: "Hey, you, you aren't just this conceptual...
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