KomondorWhat’s the point of eating? To live. What’s the point of living? To eat. See the circle? Sometimes people ask, “Do you eat to live, or do you live to eat?” My answer is usually “both and neither.” Notice the circle disappear.

As you eat your next meal, ask yourself, “What is the point of all this?”

Then consider this: Life is a process, not a point. To reduce the process of life to a point is artificial.

So, as you eat your next meal, restate the question: “What is the process of all this?”

Notice what changes when you shift from “What is the point of all this?” to “What is the process of all this?” Notice which question closes doors and which opens doors.

Ponder this perpetual carousel of eating and living. Eating Earth we become Earth. Is that pointlessness or privilege? I say, “both and neither.”

Each time life travels around this circuit of change, it changes the very path it treads with its footsteps. Eating—the metabolic churning of matter—is like a lottery drum that constantly rearranges the variables of life.

You are alive. You—a random, unique, and ever-changing constellation of matter—have won the ticket of existence. Time to play. Time to eat. Time to live.

Open your eyes to the process.


adapted from Reinventing the Meal

Creative Commons License photo credit: I. Péter


Reinventing the Meal: Table of Contents:

Introduction: Escape from Circularity

Chapter 1: When the Meal-Wheel Rolled In

Chapter 2: First Course: Reconnecting with Your Body

Chapter 3: Second Course: Reconnecting with Your Mind

Chapter 4: Third Course: Reconnecting with Your World

Chapter 5: Reclaiming the Calorie

Chapter 6: Reinventing the Oryoki Meal

Chapter 7: Reinventing the Dessert

Chapter 8: Reinventing Fasting

Chapter 9: Reconsidering the Ahimsa Meal

Chapter 10: Reconciling Social Eating and Mindful Eating

Chapter 11: Rethinking Obesity

Chapter 12:: Reinventing the Iconography of Eating

Chapter 13: Reinventing the Species

Conclusion : The Sapience of Eating

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