There are three inventions that have fundamentally changed the trajectory of human civilization.

The first one was the invention of fire keeping. Fire set us free. It bought us time to sit down and reflect. The second is the invention of the wheel.  The wheel put us on the road.  It kicked off progress and set us in motion.  The wheel yanked us out of contemplation.  The third is the invention of the mirror.  The mirror gave us a chance to reflect on ourselves while still on the go. The mirror gave us an opportunity to return to introspection without slowing down the wheel of the progress.

But we misused the mirror: we have confused the reflection in the mirror with the one looking at it.  As a result we got stuck in the mirror.  We started to worship the false idol of reflection.

It’s time to break away from the mirror: you are not a reflection.

Try what I call a “mirror fast.”  Spend one day without looking at the mirror.  Notice the real you.


Adapted from “Lotus Effect” (Somov, 2010)

Hand mirror photo available from Shutterstock.