image005900 or so years ago Omar Khayyam asked:

Life was given to me without my consent… my own existence filled me with astonishment.

Elsewhere he writes:

Let us abandon the vain search after the unattainable, and give ourselves up wholly to the joys of the present.

Elsewhere he adds:

I am racked with thirst, and yet a fresh cool stream flows before me.

Omar is drunk with life, intoxicated with existence, in awe of the very possibility of being.¬† But not always, not when he is caught up in the wheel of life…¬† Not when he thirsts for the unattainable again…

What is the unattainable that you seek, Fellow Mind?

Are you ever astonished at your own existence, at the bewildering  fact of your being?

What fresh cool stream before you do you not see?

[adapted and grammatically modernized, where appropriate, by yours truly from McCarthy’s version of Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam]

Creative Commons License photo credit: chadpoore