Blind justice (that doesn’t see the inevitable context of any given event) isn’t justice.  Such blind justice is plain old ignorance.

But the justice that sees (the justice that factors in the context) is no justice either.  The justice without the blindfold – the justice that looks at you, sees you as you, and then judges you according to your perfectly imperfect limitations – is simply the bias of compassion.

To restate: blind justice is ignorance and justice that sees is bias.

So, what do we have here?  A word “justice.”  An empty word and a bit of old poetry: “Justice is just what is” (1).

The word “forgiveness” has a lot more existential resonance to my ear than the empty legalistic echo of the word “justice.”



(1) Totem of Tautology: From a Sense of “i” to a Sense of Awe! (P. Somov)