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Archives for May, 2012

Slip, Lapse, Relapse

Here's an excerpt from Smoke-Free Smoke Break  (P. Somov & M. Somova, 2011) on slip/lapse/relapse prevention training.  This particular excerpt is tailored to smoking but the idea applies to any drug of choice (and is originally adapted from Recovery Equation, Somov, 2003).

Slip, Lapse, Relapse

The goal of slip, lapse and relapse prevention training is to help you to stay abstinent from smoking, that is, to prevent abstinence loss. In our analysis, there is substantial confusion about what constitutes loss of abstinence....
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Congrats On Your Unfocused Mind (3)

Another excerpt from "Attention Surplus" (which is "100 meditative propositions that reframe the concept of ADD from a strength- and empowerment-based perspective"):

[continued from Part 1] [continued from part 2]

62.  There are two kinds of attention – Horizontal and Vertical.

63.  Horizontal attention is when you scan the world from left to right or from right to left, back and forth, up and down, from corner to corner.  But it’s not really...
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Choice Awareness Training

Weak Willpower or Habitual Automaticity?

Adapted from Choice Awareness Training: Logotherapy & Mindfulness for Treatment of Addictions:

The act of will, application of willpower, and making of a choice are synonymous.  The term willpower, however, has an unfortunate connotation of varying strength, as if to convey that some people have a more powerful will than others.  It should be noted that the term “willpower” is not an inherently incorrect term.  When used in...
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