Each life is an eternity of its own: we can’t remember when we weren’t alive (because we weren’t yet) and none of us will know when we are no longer (because we won’t be alive to know that we are no longer alive).  As far as we are concerned, we have always been alive and… we will always be alive, in a personally-subjective sense, which is all that matters in the matters of immortality.

This banal existential truth is a form of personal immortality even if one day you won’t be alive for someone else (which is their business to process).

You are living-and-dying just as you are reading this.  And yet you still are.  This will always be personally the case.  You will always be alive – to yourself – as long as you are alive.  Once again, I am talking about a “personal always,” not an “inter-personal always.”  Inter-personally, that is, socially, sure there will be a time when you are no longer alive.  But for you personally this will never be the case.  Not if I understand anything about how this life works.

Take your time to enjoy your timelessness.

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