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Personal Immortality

Each life is an eternity of its own: we can't remember when we weren't alive (because we weren't yet) and none of us will know when we are no longer (because we won't be alive to know that we are no longer alive).  As far as we are concerned, we have always been alive we will always be alive, in a personally-subjective sense, which is all that matters in the...
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What is Mind?

What is mind?

Short answer: mind is just another four-letter word.

Long answer: mind is a body that thinks it is not a body but something separate from it.  Thus, a mind is a deluded body.  Once again: here you are, a "mind," thinking that you are "in" a "body," but you aren't "in" a body.  You are a body, a body thinking that you are a mind, a body that does...
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Immortality Now

This is a Sunday morning blog which means I just had coffee and looked through the Sunday morning New York Times.  I am telling you this so that you have at least an approximate sense of my psycho-physiological variables of the moment.  In my estimation, these variables of caffeine and news are entirely irrelevant to the point of this bit of writing.

I want to reframe the issue of immortality for you...
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Mindful Eating: Open Your Mind Before You Open Your Mouth

8 Strategies to Make Your Emotional Eating More Mindful

Emotional eating is misunderstood and often unnecessarily demonized. However, emotional eating -- that is, eating to feel good, often termed "compulsive eating" -- isn't the problem. It's emotional over-eating and mindless emotional eating that can be both psychologically and physically unhealthy.

Emotional eating works as a coping strategy and stress reliever if approached with mindfulness and moderation.

Emotional Eating Is Inevitable

Whether you eat or overeat, whether you eat mindfully or mindlessly, one thing is clear: people...
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Smoking Cessation

Smoking Isn’t the Worst Coping Option

Coping exists on a range, from seeing a therapist (sophisticated coping) to displacing your rage onto a random driver in traffic after a hard day at work (primitive coping). Smoking, in our assessment, is somewhere in between.

In his 2007 article, “One Last Cigarette Before the Firing Squad? Certainly Not!” Paul Johnson, a columnist for the Spectator, writes: “I suspect smoking is one of those indulgences which, bad in themselves, prevent human beings from doing...
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