Here’s a thought from Reinventing the Meal that may “illuminate” your eating a bit:

All energy on this planet – one way or another – is a sun-product.  So, as you fill up your shopping cart, try to mentally track the connection between any given foodstuff and its relationship to the sun.  Plants are, of course, easy.  It’s nearly automatic to envision them outside, basking in the sun, and soaking up the energy of light.  Animals are a bit harder.  Protein powders are even more obscure.  Try nevertheless.

Retrace the steps of the biochemical metamorphosis: planet turns, light hits a sprouting blade of grass, the grass grows tall enough to be noticed by the mowing jaws of a grazing calf, the calf grows into a cow, the cow becomes a steak, the steak becomes your body, your body fuels your mind as you think this very thought.  Bam!  The energy of light has finally reached you.

Feel the touch of the sun as your consciousness ponders your own connection to it.

To reiterate, not all foods are equally “enlightened” – while some are in direct touch with the sun, others are a few steps of  food-processing distance away from the sun.  So, try tracking the “enlightenment” of your food for a bit of your own self-illumination.

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Asparagus photo available from Shutterstock.