Two thoughts, two writers (both “me”), a few minutes apart:

(1) “Writing reorganizes the organism that authors it.”

(2) “All mind is second hand info.”

As “I” look at these two thoughts, “I” feel that they were written by different writers.  And they were: when “I” wrote the first thought “I” reorganized myself.  This new “me” wrote its first thought (which happens to be the second thought in this case, if “we” are speaking chronologically).  The second thought reorganized the organism that wrote it as well.  And now, this new (third) “me” sees an ironic contradiction between these two propositions: on one hand “we” reorganize ourselves each time “we” write; on the other hand, “we” are simply re-arranging what already was, cycling and recycling second-hand information (that “we” have picked up elsewhere from someone who had, in turn, had picked up elsewhere).

All this boils down to the following koan: does an eddy (whirlpool) have identity (its own water)?