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Archives for June, 2011

Hunting Unicorns

People say: “Perfection is unattainable.”  And yet they chase it.  What a psychologically toxic set-up!  What a self-fulfilling destiny of dissatisfaction!  Chasing theoretical perfection is like hunting unicorns.  Good luck.

Dare to consider: reality is (already) perfect and perfectible.  This “and” is the hardest “and”...
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There Is No Evil

There is no evil.  Do an inventory of this planet and you will find no living, breathing, menacing evil.  There is just human behavior, in all its self-serving short-sightedness.  Evil is a concept, a reification of an observed pattern.  It is a useful semantic short-cut to flag dangerous (as in “unsafe”) people.  But there is no evil per se.

The topic of evil has been a long-standing interest of mine and this writing is to acknowledge that a major cultural milestone has been...
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E-Health is Psychological Health

Who are we saving all these word-processing files for?

Are we going to read what we wrote?!  All these unfinished poems?  All these unpolished stories of narrative fiction?  All these drafts of actualities?

Of course, not: we are once, we are ever a-changing, we are - in a sense -

Even if we save a memory-file, it will be opened by the echoes of our here-and-now Essence ( by what we are yet to be (if...
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