Basavanna, a 12th century Virasaiva saint-poet wrote:

“The root is the mouth of the tree: pour water there at the bottom and, look, it sprouts green at the top.”

Animals – humans included – are, in essence, trees on wheels, trees on legs, we are mobile plant-life.  So, our root is on top, where the mouth is.  Pour in water up there, stuff that mouth up there with food and, look, body sprouts at the bottom.

Just like trees, we are living input/output tubes, only oriented differently, and on leg-wheels.  Mouth is the root, the root of all your bodymind growth.  You literally sprout from these very lips that kiss reality with every bite, from these two rows of teeth that mill the matter of reality into the consciousness that reads this sentence.

So, before you eat next time, notice your mouth.  Clench and relax your jaw, smack your lips, let your tongue maniacally sweep around its cavernous abode, chomp your matter-milling teeth.  Check the equipment of your growth.  Get rooted in the mouth.  Realize: this reality you are about to process is the very ground you sprout from.

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Reference:  Speaking of Siva, A. K. Ramanjuan, 1973, p. 80