Did you enjoy your mind the last time you used it?  I hope so.

Mind – in its dichotomous*, dualistic** nature – is a prehistoric reality-cutting tool.  Mind is archaic cutlery, a primitive reality-sorting utensil.  That’s all.

But it’s a tool that cuts itself.  So, use it appropriately, only when necessary, and keep safe.  Clean it when done. 

How?  Wash it down with mindfulness, i.e. empty your mind of its own self.

Remember: Mindfulness is not fullness of mind but emptiness/openness of mind.  As such, mindfulness is mental hygiene.

*Dichotomous, from Greek dichotomia which means “a cutting in two”

**Dualistic, from Latin “dualis” meaning two (a dualistic view sees the one and only Oneness of Reality as “this” and “that,” i.e. as manifold***)

***Manifold: many in number

Cleaning Resources: Lotus Effect