How old are you?  Not to the year, but to the day, to the minute, to the second, to the time zone?  Age tells you nothing about the essential you.  Sure, age says something about your body, but you are not your body.  Your age is a time stamp on the envelope of your body.  You aren’t the envelope, you are the letter inside.

Set a precedent: skip your birthday.  If you want to have a party, have a party.  Instead of celebrating your age, celebrate the present moment.

Or set a precedent of dating yourself as older than you are.  Recognize that nothing changes about you when you do that. 

See through the cheap flattery of being carded.  Somebody’s taking you to be younger than you chronologically are says more about that person’s observation skills than about you.  When somebody dates you as chronologically younger than you are, they give you nothing but a piece of their ill-informed mind.  It’s the same when someone thinks you’re older than you are. Matter-of-factly correct their misperception.

Explain that actually you are ageless, and proceed with the only time designation that matters—this moment.  Recognize that you are not this age or that age. You are now.  If you are mindfully present, then you are fully and timelessly alive.  That’s your age; a moment-old, reborn with every breath.  Happy breath-day to you!

Conclude: I am not my age.  My age is a crude index of vitality: I am not this time stamp!

Adapted from Lotus Effect

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