Record says I was born 42 years ago, on March 25th, 1969, in Moscow, Russia. The year of Woodstock, the year of Moon Landing, the year Muammar al-Gaddafi came to power in Libya.  But, of course, it’s nonsense: I am far older than 42.  Older than Earth, in fact.

Indeed, the fundamental matter* I am made of has been in existence for at least 13.75 billion years (give or take 0.11 billion years).  So, I am at least that old!  But chances are I am even older, far older than that.  The Big Bang, of course, couldn’t have been the absolute beginning.  The ex nihilo argument of the Universe coming into being from a total nothingness is pseudo-scientific nonsense. 

The Universe is beginningless: it has always been and will always be, never the same, but forever a fact.  It has nowhere to come from and nowhere to disappear to (other than into the dark fantasies of our minds). Which makes me (and you) timelessly older than any astronomical carbon-dating.  “If unborn, then undying,” is the only conclusion that logic allows me to make.

Record says I was born 42 years ago, on March 25th, 1969, in Moscow, Russia.  Of course, I wasn’t.  Infinitely old, I am only a moment young.

And so are you, fellow Universe.  Tat tvam asi**.


You might think, “Wow, this guy is really full of himself!”  That’s a reasonable take.  But I don’t think so.  I know what I am: nothing more and nothing less than biodegradable and infinitely recyclable bodymind trash, stardust in ceaseless metamorphosis.  So, not full of myself, but delightfully empty.

*When I say “matter” I mean “consciousness,” when I say “consciousness” I mean “matter.”  Put differently, “Form is emptiness, emptiness is form.” (the Heart Sutra)

**Tat tvam asi, a Sanskrit sentence for “Thou art that” which to me – functionally – means “I am you.”