Self is a memory of what you were.  As such, self, with all its accomplishments and their implications, is a bygone.  Let bygones be bygones.

The informational self is a train of a wedding dress of a wedding that is already over.  You kissed the reality.  It kissed you back.  Now, forget this glorious highlight of an accomplishment.

Yes, you had your shining moment or two.  Maybe hundreds.  What now?  It’s time to plug back in to the reality that’s still awaiting your attention, time to cut the anchor of accomplishments.  Out of the long shadows of the past, it’s time to bask in the sun that still shines.

You see, accomplishments, by definition, are in the past.  You are not.  Therefore, you cannot be your accomplishments.  When we define ourselves through our accomplishments we are defining who and what we are now through the memories of the past.

Look at your trophies, at your certificates of achievement, at your medals.  You are not the house you built.  You aren’t the child you gave birth to.  You aren’t the life you saved.  You are none of that.

You are this life, right now.  You are the real-time you, the you that you are yet to describe, the you that is always in progress.

Realize that you are not your past behaviors and accomplishments or current thoughts (memories) of those behaviors and accomplishments.

Conclude: I am not my accomplishments.  I am not my past glory.  I am not my ego-trophies.

Adapted from Lotus Effect