What’s your first eating experience in 2011?

My first 2011 eating moment: a (tennis-ball sized) turnip in my hand  (good enough for throwing, good enough for eating); imperfectly spherical (like a weathered, scuffed polyurethane skateboard wheel) with white and purple “tread,” still cold (out of the fridge); with stinging subtle sweetness, texture of a very unripe Bosc pear.  I think I’ll have another one and make a breakfast out of this root.  Who knows, I might just feel rooted and grounded for a whole year…

Was your first 2011 eating experience a mindless or a mindful one?  Do share your experience!

It’s simple, really.  First, look at your food (I looked at the turnip in my hand and saw a skateboard wheel), and then look at yourself (introspectively) to notice this eating moment (in my case today, the texture of a turnip reminded me of the texture of a pair).   

Bite into the moment to have a taste of what is.  And, of course, it helps to track mindfuls. 

Mindful Eating to you in 2011 and on!