“There’s only one way out of prison, which is to set your jailer free.” (B. Grebenschikov)

Mind is its own hostage. Each identity schema, each self-concept, each self-description is both an adaptation and a handicap. The very anchors that helped you feel grounded may now hold you down with all the weight of their historical usefulness.

Yes, mind is its own hostage.  But mind is also its own search-and-rescue.  Take a look at what of what you are is no longer you…

There is still time left this weekend.  Un-mind to un-wind.  Re-cognize* your Self (non-verbally, non-conceptually) to re-lax.  Ask yourself: “Who am I?”  and ignore the thought-answers

After all, you are not your thoughts of self-description.  You are not your favorite description of yourself.  You are the One asking…  The One looking in the mirror of one’s own consciousness.

Sounds circular?  Sounds recursive?  That’s the nature of all self-description for you…


Boris Grebenschikov: The Time, Radio Silence, 1989 CBS Records

*the verb “to recognize” stems from Old French reconoistre ” which means “to know again” (etymonline.com)