Timelessness isn’t when time stops. Timelessness is when you stop paying attention to time.

Trance music is a good choice to facilitate a sense of timelessness.

Trance typically doesn’t have lyrics: it doesn’t pump semantic information into your mind. When you follow lyrics, you are participating in a memory, rather than participating in the present. Memory is a distraction from what is.

Trance is structurally progressive: it carries you forward with ever changing increments of melody and avoids the repetitive, looping quality of non-trance music. Trance tracks are continuously remixed which preempts any expectation sets. The tracks are long and seamlessly stitched together.

The electronic sound scheme (unlike the highly recognizable guitar and/or drum sounds of other genres), in my experience, doesn’t tend to trigger imagery. It is visually neutral which allows you to just focus on the sound rather than see a guitar solo in your head.  As a result of these variables, you are perfectly positioned to just listen, to just be with the rhythm, at the tip of the arrow of time, in the now.

Trance DJs (such as Paul Van Dyke, Armin Van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto) are, in essence, DJs of Timelessness, synching you up with your own present.

Tune in [to trance] to drop out [of time].  Take a vacation from time awareness.

Time to be [i.e. time to be timeless] is now: