you are not your worryWorry is science fiction.  Worry is [threatening] thoughts about [what might happen in the] future.  Worry is scientific in its initial attempt at logic: worry starts with facts and then escalates them into fiction.

Face it: The future doesn’t yet exist.  It hasn’t happened yet.  Nowhere in this universe does the future exist.  Everyone and everything is right now, only now, ever now, never not now.  Recognize that no matter how much you worry about the future, you will never experience it. Future doesn’t exist: what exists is your thoughts about what doesn’t exist.  All you’ve ever experienced and will ever experience is a particular “now” that you’re in.  Time [is just language that] makes us tense.

Try: Sit back and bring up your frequent-flyer worries.  Notice them arise.  Notice them pass.  Notice the one noticing.  Is the one noticing worried?  How can the observer-self be worried by thoughts about the future when it, itself, is in the present?  How can the observer-self be worried by thoughts about one’s future nonexistence when it, itself, unambiguously exists in this very moment?  Recognize that worry is just information that is passing through you.

Allow yourself to worry, notice the worry thoughts, and make a mental note: “Worry thought…another worry thought…worry thought again…”  Tune in to the inevitable passing of these thoughts rather than to their informational content.

Recognize: Here you are, before, during, and after this given thought of worry. Your essence remains the same, unaffected, immutable, witnessing and, dis-identifying from what is passing.  Lazily, unhurriedly, like an ocean waiting on a wave to fade out, like a lotus leaf waiting on a rain drop to roll off its luscious, invulnerable surface.

Conclude: I am not these worry thoughts.  I am not my worry.

Photo by Roberto Bouza, available under a Creative Commons attribution, non-commercial license.