Week 2 Exercise: Change How You Enlighten Your Smoking Mind

Smoking is pyrotechnics: cigarette is a fuse, your lungs – a bomb of pleasure and worry.  This week’s objective is to change how you set yourself on fire.

Get a new lighter, a lighter you wouldn’t intuitively use.  For example, if you are into classy metal lighters, get a BIC with a NASCAR theme.  If you like a minimalist, slick, urban look, get something really colorful or camouflaged.  Show some behavioral plasticity, pick the wrong color of plastic – if you don’t like yellow, get yellow; if you like white, get black. 

Bottom-line: undermine the seamless mindlessness of your lighting choices.  Lay a charge of change.  Startle the smoking zombie into an awakening. Change how you enlighten this smoking habit of yours.

Share your awareness-building/habit modifying experience at Smoke Breaker.

Smoke Mindfully to Quit Mindfully/Week 1


Pavel Somov, Ph.D., Marla Somova, Ph.D., “The Smoke-Free Smoke-Break: Stop Smoking with Mindfulness and Acceptance” (in press, New Harbinger Publications, fall 2011)