Spin within a Spin within a Spin

A year – astronomically – is a spin of a celestial object around a center of gravity.  In our – Earthly – case, a year is, of course, a spin around the Sun.

As we yearn for stability and balance in our lives, we are zipping around the Sun at an orbital speed of 30 kilometers per second (that’s 108,000 kilometers per hour) – and not down some well-paved straight line, but on a perpetual curve, without any chance of ever getting off this mind-boggling ride!

Ponder this as well: a straight line is but a geometrical abstraction.  We live in the world of tremendous centripetal/ego-centric forces and inevitable curvatures. 

There is no good/bad, right/wrong grid: we always have and we always will keep crossing these overly simplistic imaginary ethical/moral meridians and latitudes – no, not because we are bad or flawed, but because we are doing our moment-to-moment perfectly imperfect best amidst a bewildering set of constantly changing psycho-physical variables.

And yet – amidst all this built-in instability – we have found ways of steadying ourselves, of stilling our minds.  So, as you embark on yet another spin around the Sun, pause to celebrate all your coping creativity that allowed you to stay true to your own existential orbit during this past year… and allow yourself to accept all and any of your future coping efforts as well.  Any coping effort is forgivable by a compassion mind. 

At any spinning rate, Happy New Spin to you, Celestial Coper!