Lean into the sky with your stare.
See all of its black infinity behind the azure blue of the familiar.
Realize that all, all, all of that is you!
I know, I know
You thought it was just you.
I know you thought it was all quite simple:
That there was you and not-you,
That there was this you here and all that not-you there.
It’s not.
All of it is you.
Inhale all that you thought you were.
Exhale this self-limiting illusion.
You’ll have to get used to this new way of thinking of yourself sooner or later.
You have no choice.
Not because this reality is undemocratic.
Heavens no!
Not because of that.
But because of this:
How can you have a choice to not be you?
One is not two.
Unlike two, one has no choice
But to be one.

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image of Mobius strip from http://ayoungscientist.com/mobius-strip/