bias is in the mindMind is in the business of bias: as long as there is a point of view, there is bias.  Objectivity is a myth.  Reality is twice filtered: first, sensorically, then, interpretationally.  Mind – in leaning “this” way or “that” way – is fundamentally dichotomous, dual, i.e. preferential, i.e. subjective, i.e. discriminating, i.e. (positively or negatively) unfair.  Gravity is as close as we come to unbiased attraction.  Everything – once tossed up – comes down.  True love (like gravity) makes no exceptions.  Mother Earth welcomes us all back home.  True (unconditional) love is indifference (acceptance of whatever is). The rest is liking… The rest is conditionality… 

Just a leaning of this particular mind.  But what do I actually (objectively) know?  Nothing, of course.


Euphonious Apophenia