take time to be you

Ordinary perfection from Knut Hamsun:

“I have no mission, no places I must visit; I am just a wanderer setting out from a logger’s cabin and coming back to it again; it makes no difference where I am. <…>

It is starting to freeze as I wander back home to my logger’s cabin; soon the frost bites into moors and marshes, and makes the going easy.  I saunter onward, slowly and indifferently, with my hands in my pockets. Why should I hurry? It makes no difference where I am.”

“So I saunter and saunter in circles around myself, enjoying myself, tasting solitude.”

Take your time being you.  Have a taste of solitude to re-experience yourself.


Knut Hamsun (A Wanderer Plays On Muted Strings)