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Archives for October, 2010

Zero-Stress Stress Management

Relax: It’s Just a Meditation!

Anyone up yet for a Sun Salutation?

Never mind: let me make a couple of points and go back to

You've heard people say: there are many roads to Rome - meaning, many different means to the same end, many a path to get to one and the same destination. That's understood.

What's a bit more confusing, however, is when you've got one road that leads to quite a few different places. Take the mindfulness practice...
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Acceptance-Based Perfectionism

Digital Age Hopes, Stone Age Acceptance

Most weeks I pick up two or three random books (from a local store that sells used books).  Some of them I read cover to cover, others – I skim.  I find this routine of mine to be an essential part of my mind’s hygiene.  Random informational inputs challenge and change my mindware (my assumptions, my fund of knowledge, my association networks).

Here are two thought-notes (that I came across in my readings this past week) that struck a...
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Take Your Time Being You

Ordinary perfection from Knut Hamsun:

"I have no mission, no places I must visit; I am just a wanderer setting out from a logger's cabin and coming back to it again; it makes no difference where I am. <...>

It is starting to freeze as I wander back home to my logger's cabin; soon the frost bites into moors and marshes, and makes the going easy.  I saunter onward, slowly and indifferently, with...
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360 of Compassion

Water of Compassion

My religion is kindness.
Dalai Lama
Get two glasses of water and an erasable marker.  Label one glass “I” and the other glass “You.”  Pour a couple of spoonfuls of sugar into the “I” glass and a couple of spoonfuls of salt into the “You” glass.  Shake both glasses.  Put them down.  Watch sugar and salt swirl.  Notice the differences between the two glasses.  Wait till sugar and salt dissolve.

While sugar water looks more transparent...
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Lotus Effect: Identity Detox

Spread the Spark

In 1963 a Vietnamese Mahayana Buddhist monk, Thich Quang Duc, performed a miracle of sorts.   He didn't exactly walk on water but he came realistically close: he sat down, poured gasoline over himself and lit himself up. What's amazing - to me - is not the cause, not even the decision, but what happened Nothing happened: the man sat, in a lotus position, while burning alive.  The skin of his face coagulating in   Burning...
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