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Archives for September, 2010 - Page 2

Choice Awareness Training

Open Your Hand to Open Your Mind

Choice Awareness Training exercises (continued)

Choice Awareness Training is designed to leverage a greater sense of freedom-to-change, to awaken the living zombie, to facilitate change-process (see a more detailed description of Choice Awareness Training in Make a Choice When It Doesn't Matter or below).

Choice Awareness Exercise: Open Your Hand to Open Your Mind

Clench your fist, open it.

Clench it again, open it again.

Clench it one more time, open it one more time.

See the mindlessness and sameness of the pattern?

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Ordinary Perfection

Seeing Red

Reading “The Red Book” by Jung, I come across the following fragment:
“Willing creates blindness…”
Indeed, it does.  Willing creates attentional focus.  Focus obscures the field.  Once set, the goal turns the mind into a Gestalt-hunting hound, with its attentional nose to the...
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